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 === Scenario 5 - Trailing Stop Loss === === Scenario 5 - Trailing Stop Loss ===
 +Version 2.2 introduces 2 new methods of stop loss. [[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_trailing_stop_loss_trigger|Traling Stop Loss]] and [[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_take_profit_safety_arm|Take Profit Safety]]. The image below demonstrates their differences from standard Stop Loss.
 +== Trailing Stop Loss ==
 +In the example above ''​[[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_trailing_stop_loss_trigger]] = -3''​ and ''​[[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_trailing_stop_loss_trigger_arm]] = 1.5''​
 +  - If the price never goes above the arm value ProfitTrailer will not sell after 3% loss due to not being armed.
 +  - If the profit moves above the arm value of 1.5% we flag the trailing stop loss as armed
 +    - If profit went to 1.85 the trailing_stop_loss line moves up to -1.15. 3% below the peak profit achieved.
 +    - If the profit subsequently comes down to 0.70 the stop loss line is still at -1.15.
 +    - If the profit goes to 6% the stop loss line would be at 3%
 +  - If the profit% now falls and reaches the stop loss line (wherever that now sits) the bot will attempt to sell the coin.
 +  - If trailing stop loss is used in DCA it is affected by ''​[[dca.properties#​DCA_stop_before_complete]]''​
 +== Take Profit Safety ==
 +Take profit Safety is similar to trailing stop loss but uses fixed values rather than dynamically trailing.
 +If the profit goes above ''​[[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_take_profit_safety_arm]]''​ we flag the coin as armed.
 +Then if the profit comes back down below the ''​[[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_take_profit_safety_fire]]''​ value the bot will attempt to sell the coin.
 +If the coin is never armed ProfitTrailer will not do anything if the price reaches the fire value.
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