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Video Guide

NEW This video covers part 1 of how to use DCA in ProfitTrailer. It follows the WIKI guide below, so watch it and get a deeper understanding of the DCA process. @RF Radio (~10 Min)

Dollar Cost Averaging (Martingale)

What is Dollar Cost Averaging (Martingale)? For a short answer, it is a method for averaging down the price of a losing trade, hoping the price will come up to your lower average buy price. For a long, detailed explanation, read here.



max_cost = 0

Define the TOTAL amount a single pair is allowed to cost you when using DCA. If set to 0 this option is ignored and there is no max cost. We will keep using DCA until you run out of balance

Note: use this setting carefully!

Example: you set max_cost = 0.01 and you bought 0.005 BTC. Because max_cost is 0.01 you are allowed to double up 1 time.

max_buy_times = 0

Define max amount of times DCA is allowed to buy a pair. If set to 0 this option is ignored and there is no limit to amount of times DCA buys.

Note: use this setting carefully!

Remember that DCA effectively DOUBLES the amount of holding for the coin each time it purchases.

max_buy_spread = 2

Max spread % between lowest ask and highest bid to allow a new buy order if spread is too big, most likely there was a coin dump/pump and you are buying too high. A value of 2 is mildly conservative. 1 is more conservative. 3 would be very aggressive.

buy_strategy = LOWBB
buy_value = 0
buy_trigger = -4

The strategy to use to buy more coins. The available options are:

  • LOSS

Go to buy and sell strategies for more information on the DCA buy strategies below.

buy_value indicates the % above (or below if negative) the buy_strategy to execute the buy.

buy_trigger indicates how much loss the coin should have before activating DCA on it.

LOWBB will buy the same amount of coins that you currently own when the buy_value reaches the % above or below the LOWBB value. Therefore, DCA can use a lot of your balance very quickly if your coins is crashing in value and the DCA keeps executing. Make sure your buy_trigger and your max_cost and your max_buy_times settings are reasonable for your budget and goals.

Setting the buy_value positive will have the bot buy when the value is above the LOWBB, and negative will buy below.

ANDERSON settings. Please see the separate writeup for ANDERSON settings here.

buy_available_volume_trigger = 150

Allow DCA to buy if there's enough volume in order book to fill the order. This prevent partial buys that might disturb the DCA strategy. 100% means there should be at least the amount we wanna buy in the orderbook. 150% means there shoud be 150% of the amount we wanna buy in the orderbook to issue the buy order. So if you need 5 coins at price A..orderbook should have atleast 7.5 coins at price A or lower.

trailing_profit = 0

Set to activate trailing profit when doing DCA.

Note: Should be a positive number

trailing_buy = 0

Set to enable trailing buys for all DCA strategies that support it.

Note: Should be a positive number

stop_loss_trigger = -10

Set the value that will trigger a stop loss order If the value of a coin drops below stop loss trigger, it will be automatically sold.
NOTE: stop loss positive values are automatically converted to negative value. Stop loss will only hit once DCA is complete.

What is complete?

  • max_buy_times is reached OR
  • max_cost is reached OR
  • there is not enough balance to keep using DCA.

stop_loss_timeout = 5

Set the amount of minutes that the bot is not allowed to buy a coin after it was sold by stop loss trigger

rebuy_timeout = 5

Set the amount of minutes that the bot is not allowed to buy a coin after it was DCA'd/sold ex: We just did a DCA on ETH so do NOT DCA ETH again for x minutes after we DCA'd it

pending_order_wait_time = 0

If x amount of time in minutes has passed since we bought a coin, create a pending order for that pair

ignore_sell_only_mode = false

Set this value to true to allow DCA to continue buying even if no new buys are allowed. This is often used when you want the bot to stop buying new coins, but get rid of existing coins.

min_buy_balance = 0.2

Only buy coins if the buy cost will not let your balance go below specified amount. This is useful to keep some reserve in your account.

min_buy_balance_percentage = 20

Only buy coins if the buy cost will not let your balance go below specified amount in %. This is useful if your account value changes frequently, and you do not want to edit the above min_buy_balance setting every time it does.

Example: To always leave 20% of your account untouched, set value to 20%. This property only works if min_buy_balance = 0

min_buy_volume = 100

Only buy coins with a minimum volume of specified amount. Useful to ensure you are not buying infrequently traded coins that are harder to sell



sell_strategy = GAIN
sell_value = 0.6

The strategy to use to sell the coins. (GAIN)

sell_strategy = HIGHBB
sell_value = 20
sell_trigger = 0.6

The strategy to use to sell the coins (BB).Sell trigger indicates how much profit the coin should have to even think about activating selling it.


Examples usage

buy_strategy = HIGHBB
buy_value = 0
buy_trigger = -6
  • Average down my coins if they have a loss of 6% or more and HIGHBB 0 is lower than the average buy price of my coin


buy_strategy = LOWBB
buy_value = -20
buy_trigger = -2
  • Average down my coins if they have a loss of 2% or more and current price drops below lowbb -20


buy_strategy = ANDERSON
buy_style = DOUBLEDOWN
buy_trigger_1 = -3.5
buy_trigger_2 = -4.5
buy_trigger_3 = -4.5
buy_trigger_4 = -5.5
buy_trigger_5 = -5.5
  • Average down my coins using the ANDERSON strategy. Complete explanation on this page.


sell_strategy = GAIN
sell_value = 0.6
  • Sell my average down coins if they reach a profit of 0.6%.


sell_strategy = HIGHBB
sell_value = 35
sell_trigger = 0.6
  • Sell my average down coins if price is higher than HIGHBB 35 and we have at least a profit of 0.6%



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