Strategy Intent

Trading Criteria Details
Market Suitability All markets but will work faster in a bull market when volatility is higher
Difficulty Intermediate
Strategy Type Breakout
Take Profit
Positive DCA
Pending Orders
Trailing Stop Loss
Demo Server


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  2. Note if the cloud icon is showing in red it means the demo server is not available right now;

Strategy Overview

  • This strategy is a high risk breakout trader.
  • It is looking for strong upside breakouts that have already started their move upward and buys into them.
  • It is high risk as you run the risk of catching a falling knife by doing this but that is also offset by the potential for higher gains trading breakouts.

Entry Criteria

  • The strategy entry criteria makes use of PDHIGH and MACD to find upside breakouts.
  • The strategy is buying into strong uptrends so that is why it only wants to pick pairs whose 24h change is greater than 1%.
  • It then confirms the breakout with STOCH and RSI by looking for signs of strength in the breakout.
  • Trailing buy is turned off as we are buying into upside breakouts.

Trade Management

  • The strategy applies the 2% and 10% rules of trading.
  • Position size is limited to 2% of risk capital per trade.
  • Only 5 trading pairs are active at any time to ensure no more than 10% of total risk capital is employed in trading at any time.
  • A trailing stop loss is employed rather than a fixed stop loss.
  • Take profit is employed to prevent loss of profits.

Exit Criteria

  • This strategy makes use of PDHIGH to see if we are still in the upside breakout and uses GAIN to see if we hit our profit target.
  • It uses HIGHBB and RSI to ensure we have reached the top of the trade cycle for this round of price action.
  • It then trails the price action to ensure we maximise profits.

Strategy Tips

  • This strategy works best in a Bull Market but will work in all market conditions as even Bear markets have breakouts, unfortunately they are usually to the downside though.
  • The key to this strategy is to ensure you do not overextend yourself by getting your max trading pairs and initial cost right to suit your trading budget.
  • Use the DCA calculator we provide to work these values out covering at least 4 levels of DCA for all your pairs. Once you have those values enter them into this strategy. The DCA calculator also ensures you have a 50/50 split on your trading budget to ensure you have sufficient budget for the sell side of this strategy.


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