Joining the support discord

Use arrow keys or the navigation buttons at lower right of screen to move forward/back.

This shows the steps needed to join the discord chat and access the support channels

Discord can be downloaded separately

or it can also be used as a webpage login format.
Either option is ok.

Click on a discord invite link

The link can be found in the side menu of the wiki, on the front of the wiki start page, or it can simply be a weblink.
Click here to join the support discord.

Enter a discord username

Click continue after choosing a name.

Claim your discord account

This is required so use a valid email.

Click confirmation in email

In the new window

Click on the checkbox for I'm not a robot.

Click on Continue to Discord

At the bottom of the screen

Click on Verify phone.
This is a required step.

Enter your telephone number

Click the dropdown for the country code, then enter your prefix (area code) and number.

Verify your number

using the 6 digit code sent to your phone

You are now in the discord

Read the #welcome channel as it contains valuable information.
At the bottom of the welcome page, click the reaction icon to gain access to announcements

In the left side channel menu

there will be a channel called #Pre-Purchase.

(next —>)

If you have questions before purchasing ProfitTrailer

you can click on that channel and ask by using the text entry box at the bottom of the chat window.

If you have purchased ProfitTrailer

click on the PT Assistant bot username at the top of the right side user menu

In the message box

type !letmein and press enter

If you receive a message similar to this

Then Click Here and follow the 3 steps.
If not then see next slide —>

A new private message chat window will open

and the discord bot will ask you for your ProfitTrailer license.

Paste your ProfitTrailer license

into the chat window and press enter.
(example blurred for security)

In the left side server menu

Click on the ProfitTrailer server icon

There will now be new channels

Click on #support and chat using the text entry box at the bottom of the chat window.

This concludes the slideshow for joining the support discord