Web Interface Guide


The Basic config editor is designed to make things simpler, easier to read and prevent typos from stopping ProfitTrailer functioning how you intended.

The Header is shown below:

  • HotConfig - Open a dialog box in order to enter HotConfig commands. (Only displays when active Config is selected)
  • ACTIVE - The name of the config ProfitTrailer is using.
  • EDITING - The name of the config that is being displayed/edited.
  • Delete - Click this to delete the configuration being displayed. (You will not have the option to delete the Active Config)
  • Save - Save any changed you have made.
  • New - Save the config displayed as a new config with a new name
  • Drop Downs - Described below.
  • Pairs - View/configure the pairs.properties file for the editing config.
  • DCA - View/configure the dca.properties file for the editing config.
  • Indicators - View/configure the indicators.properties file for the editing config.

The left most drop down menu allows you to select a config for editing.

If we selected BTC Beginner the header would change as shown.

The next drop down allows you to select a specific coin for which you wish to change settings. Leave it set to DEFAULT to edit the overall configuration.

You can learn more about Coin Specific Settings from the FAQ.

Other things to change when GUI config is launched

  • Hotconfig only available in advanced
  • config menu gone
  • links to config menu
  • settings menu screenshot
  • public configs
  • Buy tab






Common Errros

Incorrect trailing value for GROW. Value should be between 0 and your exit value. Using DEFAULT instead

You sell_value and trailing_profit values are equal which means the formula used to calculate the new trailing_profit when using DEFAULT_trailing_profit_type or DEFAULT_DCA_trailing_profit_type will not work. The bot has defaulted to using the DEFAULT trailing_profit.


BUY and Sell Strategies

  • LOWBB can be used as sell strategy

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