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Windows: Nothing Happens when I run the cmd file

“I downloaded/updated the bot, but nothing happens when I run the Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd file…”

First of all. Make sure you are running the up-to-date run-profittrailer.cmd and not ProfitTrailer.jar. If you did double click the jar file ProfitTrailer will not run.

If you are indeed running the up-to-date cmd file the issue is that UAC and SmartScreen are enabled, and the newly downloaded zip file (or cmd file) is “blocked”, due to being flagged as having come from an Internet zone.

Couple of possible ways to fix this:

1) Right-click the zip file (or the cmd file if you already extracted it), Properties, click or uncheck Unblock; it may be a checkbox or a button.

2) Use PowerShell to unblock the file:

3) Edit the Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd file in Notepad++, change it in some way (add a space or something), save it, undo the change, then save the file again. (This should make Windows think the file was created on the local server, instead of being downloaded from the Internet).

4) Open a command prompt and manually run the command to start the bot. Should work, but all the above are better options.


Port 8081 in use

This can occur for a number of reasons.

If this is the very first time running ProfitTrailer another application may be using port 8081. Change server.port and try again.

If you have run ProfitTrailer before and suddenly receive this error it can be a few things:

  • Check if you can still access http://localhost:8081 in a browser. If yes, the bot is running in the background already. Use the Stop ProfitTrailer button to shut it down safely.
  • If the bot is not running in the background simply rebooting the computer should resolve this.

If you are attempting to run multiple bots, chose a different server.port to the first bot.


Unable to retrieve latest settings null

On the first instance of this error when it has been historically running without issue a restart may resolve it.

Failing that, you may find you can access the GUI but in the config menu the pairs, DCA, or indicators config tabs are actually blank. Copying from a backup and then saving should resolve this.

Some users are experiencing an issue with their configurations:

This work around may also help

  1. Make sure you are in offline config mode. server.disable_online_config = true
  2. If you are not, stop the bot, change server.disable_online_config = false to true and then restart the bot
  3. Stop the bot again
  4. Delete your offline config (offlineData) from the ProfitTrailer folder
  5. Start the bot again. ProfitTrailer will ask you to re upload the files from the initialization folder
  6. Choose a new unique name, and boot up.

Part 2:
Now that you have chosen that unique name

  1. Stop the bot
  2. Switch to online config mode server.disable_online_config = false
  3. start the bot.
  4. it should ask you to reinitialize since it does not have that unique name online.
  5. Choose another new unique name

Choose to stop at part 1 if you only want offline configs.


Binance Websocket Timeout

This is caused by a slow connection between your bot and the exchange. Even if your internet is fast it can occur and is outside of your control.

The default timeout is 30 seconds however if you are still experiencing timeouts you can increase this using connection.timeout in


Please Set a Gain

If you happen to see this then you may need to set either a GAIN value or a PENDING_GAIN value in your Pairs or DCA configs.


Press any key to Continue

This message only appears when the bot has paused due to an error. Pressing any key closes the bot down. Before you press any key you should read the entire message displayed in the terminal/cmd to determine what error message you are receiving.


Signature for this request is not valid

This error is normally preceeded by default_api_key or trading_api_key and indicates that the secret for that API Key is not correct. Check for typos in the key and ensure no extra spaces are at the end.


Binance does not support this period

In the Indicators Config you can only set periods that exist on the exchange. Check your exchange or see Exchanges for compatible periods.


Windows: Why does my PT Bot freeze in the Command (CMD) Window?

If you happen to click in the terminal window where you started the PT bot, you may pause the bot.

Your CMD window is in Quick Edit Mode which automatically enters the edit mode when you click on the screen.

Normally CMD only enters edit mode when you right click on the black screen and choose Mark.

To change back to normal, right click on the title bar of the window and choose Properties, select Options tab and deselect “Quick Edit Mode” and click ok.

Alternatively, you may hit the ESC key to exit the Mark mode after clicking in the window.


We were unable to authenticate your license. Check your license and API key

There are multiple things that can cause this error, but most commonly this is caused by misconfiguration of the file or your API Key not being properly registered on your ProfitTrailer license. Below are the most common causes of this error:

  1. The license = property is missing or set incorrectly (This property didn't exist in v1, but is required for v2)
    1. In the file, please ensure that you have the license parameter set to your ProfitTrailer License number for the proper exchange, and NOT an API key. (Your ProfitTrailer License would have been emailed to you when you purchased the bot. Email subject “ProfitTrailer license activation!”)
    2. Make sure that you are using the correct license for the Exchange that you are trying to run. (if you are using a multi-exchange license, then the license number is the same)
    3. If you purchased the bot for multiple exchanges and have a legacy license (before multi-exchange), each exchange will have their own unique ProfitTrailer license number.
  2. The default_api_key = property is missing or set incorrectly.
    1. The names for the Api Keys properties have changed from what was used with the v1 bot, and have slightly different names for v2 of the bot. Please ensure that your property names are correct for v2:
      1. v1: Old (incorrect) property names:
        • default_apiKey
        • default_apiSecret
        • trading_apiKey
        • trading_apiSecret
      2. v2: New (proper) property names:
        • default_api_key
        • default_api_secret
        • trading_api_key
        • trading_api_secret
  3. The default_api_key = property is set to an API key that is not registered with your ProfitTrailer license.
    1. On Discord, message the PT Assistant bot with !listkeys and verify that your API key is properly registered. If not, you will need to add the api key that you are attempting to use. (See: API Key Guide)
  4. There is a space after the license or api_key. (e.g license = 'abcdefg ')
  5. Unable to communicate with the ProfitTrailer licensing servers
    1. Internet providers are more frequently making the IPv6 protocal available, which is incompatable with ProfitTrailer. The solution for this is to ensure that the command you are starting the bot with contains the paramater, which will force the bot to run in IPv4 mode.
    2. Your computer is unable to resolve DNS properly. You can try changing your DNS servers that the computer uses to something like Google Public DNS, reboot the computer and see if the issue persists.
  6. Some Antivirus/Firewall software can block communication needed by the bot. Check to make sure that your Antivirus/Firewall software is not blocking the bot.
  7. Incorrect Java version.
    1. Ensure that Java 8 is the only version of java installed on your system. If java 9, 10, 11+ etc. are also installed, you can run into this issue even if you know for sure that it is “only” using java 8. (i.e. even if java -version shows java 8, you are not safe if you have other versions installed). On Ubuntu here is how you can remove them all and start with java 8 from scratch:
  8. Incorrect bot version.
    1. If you are running an older version of ProfitTrailer, it may display this message. You will need to update.



There are a number of issues that can cause this error.

NOTE: If you receive this error when starting a V1 bot, you will need to upgrade your installation. V1 bots will no longer work.

1. New users often experience this error when running the bot for the first time:

  • Check for errors in the API key entered in Compare it with the exchange and copy paste into if you can.
  • Check that the default_api_key is registered with PT Assistant on Discord.
  • Ensure the registered key matches the key in the file and both match the key on the exchange.
  • Your subscription may not be active. if you just purchased a subscription, wait a few minutes before attempting to start the bot.
  • If you are using an older version of, you may need to add the license setting into your file, or use the file in the latest release.

2. Check that the Computer clock is synced to the internet for the appropriate timezone it is in.

3. If your bot has been working and suddenly you receive this error without having edited anything relating to your file it may be due to any of the following:

  • Sometimes your license key just gets invalidated. New API Keys may fix it. Don't forget to register the new default:Follow this guide
  • It may be due to slow or broken internet access, a reboot of the machine may fix it.
  • Latency between your bot and our license server. Give it some time. If the error persists, take action!
  • Our license server might have an issue. See if other users are also experiencing this.
  • Your subscription may not be active. Check your status on your ProfitTrailer account page.

4. If you are using a VPN tunnel, and that VPN uses ipv6 this may cause INVALID LICENSE error. Add this argument to your java command: For Pm2 you can edit the pm2-ProfitTrailer.json to include the same parameter on startup. This forces the use of ipv4. You can see a full example of the java command to use HERE


Invalid API-Key, IP, or Permissions

Please fix: trading_api_key – ERROR: -2015, Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action.
Please fix: default_api_key – ERROR: -2015, Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action.

These errors indicate three possible issues.

  1. you have not set the correct permissions on the exchange for your API keys. Both sets of API keys should generally have all permissions except withdraw enabled.
  2. Your API key is incorrect or has a typo.
  3. You also need to ensure IP white-listing is configured correctly if you use it.


StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -10

Seen on PT bots using Bittrex exchange. You have set IPFILTERING without whitelisting your machine's IP address. Any requests to Bittrex will return no data causing this error.


ProfitTrailerService - {"error":"Permission denied."}

Permission denied means you have not given the API keys permissions. ​You need to give the API's all permissions except ​withdraw. Also you might have set up IP filtering, but maybe you did not set that up correctly, so check that also.


Error: -1021, Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow

Full error message example:

Error Application - Please fix: trading_api_key (trading_apiKey for V1.x)Error: -1021, Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow
ERROR ProfitTrailerService - completeBalances - ERROR: -1021, Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow

This error can appear for a number of reasons. If your bot is functioning and intermittently displaying this error then something is causing a slower than optimal connection and messages aren't being recieved within the allowed time.

  • Check your system resources are not being maxed out by ProfitTrailer or other programs.
  • The exchange may be experiencing issues. Are other users also reporting this?
  • Your internet connection may be experiencing timeouts, delays or routing issues. It may resolve on its own.

If your bot is only displaying this message and not functioning otherwise then it is likely a time sync issue.

Solution: ​Make sure to synchronize the server/​computer time with internet time by getting the time automatically from an internet time server.


Open a new command prompt as administrator and enter the following commands:

   net start w32time
   w32tm /resync

Mac OS:

Go to System Preferences, click Date & Time, and ensure the check box is checked for “Set Date and Time Automatically”. Select your time zone and a server that is close to your location if possible.



Your Default API Secret key is incorrect and needs to be corrected / changed.
It may not match the Default API Key or may be pasted incorrectly.

As most API secrets are not shown more than once at creation time, you may need to make another API Key to gain access to a correct matching API secret.


Binance: ERROR: -1003, Way too many requests

Full error message:

ERROR AllScheduledTasks - 
ERROR: -1003, Way too many requests; 
IP banned until 1512488458967.

Some VPS IPs were banned, Avoid using ​Vultr (Japan Data Center) & Amazon EC2 (Japan, Korea)


ERROR Application - Please install java 8

If you get the above error, you need to install the proper version of JAVA. Version 9, 10, or 11 are not supported, you will need to revert back to version 8. You will need to uninstall the current version first.

This webpage contains the proper versions:

This website has some good ways to uninstall on Mac OSX specifically: (this answer specifically:

and this is the official Java page for uninstalling from the Mac:


<!DOCTYPE html>

This error occurs on Poloniex when they are returning a html page instead of the data the bot is expecting.

We are able to view the error being returned by completing the following steps.

  1. Stop ProfitTrailer. See How do I stop the Bot
  2. Open and enter this: = DEBUG ,or ensure it is not commented out with a hash mark ( # ), then save the file.
  3. Delete or rename your ProfitTrailer.log found in the log folder
  4. Start ProfitTrailer
  5. Wait for the DOCTYPE html error to reappear
  6. Stop ProfitTrailer
  7. Open the log folder and rename ProfitTrailer.log to ProfitTrailer.html (if you don't see the file type (.log) you need to enable file extensions from the view menu in windows explorer.)
  8. Open ProfitTrailer.html in a web browser
  9. Scroll down until you find an image or banner which will contain the reason for the error.


ERROR: -1013, Filter failure: MIN_NOTIONAL

You are trading with amounts less than the minimum trade size for your exchange. You need to increase your DEFAULT_initial_cost, or increase your DEFAULT_initial_cost_percentage. Also check you have appropriate dust settings if used.


ERROR: Timestamp for this request was 1000ms ahead of the server's time

Your computer's clock is not synched exactly with the PT server, which is required. Use an internet-based time server to set your clock, normally found in your clock settings.

Windows users may go through their Control Panel and change the time setting there, or you may enter the following in a command line terminal:

Windows - open a new command prompt as administrator and type: 
net start w32time
w32tm /resync

Macintosh users may set their clocks by going to System Preferences, and clicking on Date & Time, and ensuring the check box is checked for “Set Date and Time Automatically”. Select your time zone and a server that is close to your location if possible.

System Preferences Icon

Date & Time Settings


Getting a constant "Configuration Change Detected" message on log or console

Seen in Windows normal: If you are seeing this error, then you can open all your config tabs (PAIRS, DCA, INDICATORS), make a simple change (add a space, delete that space somewhere in the file), and save it again. This seems to fix this error.


Incorrect trailing value for GROW. Value should be between 0 and your exit value. Using DEFAULT instead

You sell_value and trailing_profit values are equal which means the formula used to calculate the new trailing_profit when using DEFAULT_trailing_profit_type or DEFAULT_DCA_trailing_profit_type will not work. The bot has defaulted to using the DEFAULT trailing_profit.


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