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 ====Select the drop down menu==== ====Select the drop down menu====
 and choose one of the configs\\ and choose one of the configs\\
 +NOTE: If you are using the PT Signals bot, ensure you are selecting a signals template.\\
 {{config-05.png?​nolink}} {{config-05.png?​nolink}}
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 Click on the Saved tab, pick one of your saved configs, then click on Load your settings\\ Click on the Saved tab, pick one of your saved configs, then click on Load your settings\\
 {{config-08.png?​nolink}} {{config-08.png?​nolink}}
 +====If you have a signals subscription====
 +Click on the Signal Providers tab and follow the instructions\\
 ====To make a config active==== ====To make a config active====
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 ====In the bot GUI header==== ====In the bot GUI header====
-click on the config selection\\ +hover over the config selection ​and choose either ''​Active Config''​ or ''​Other Configs''​\\ 
-{{config-12.png?​nolink}}+Active config is only your active config\\ 
 +Other Configs shows all configs\\ 
 +Configs in either selection are editable\\ 
 ====To select a config for editing==== ====To select a config for editing====
-click on the orange dropdown box. The active config will show ''​Active Config'' ​in red letters underneath ​the config that is currently active ​\\+Choose ''​Other Configs''​ and click on the orange dropdown box.\\ 
 +The active config will have "Active Config" ​in red letters underneath ​it\\
 {{config-13.png?​nolink}} {{config-13.png?​nolink}}
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