sell_fillOrKill = false
sell_immediateOrCancel = true (advised)

These settings tell how should the bot create sell orders. Defaults will keep coins on order book if the order cannot be filled completely. NOTE: Do not use fillOrKill with Binance or Bittrex until further notice.


“Dust” is the technical term for an amount of coin left over from an incomplete sell that is too small for the bot to sell on the exchange because it falls below their minimum sell amount. If the available balance of a coin is worth less than the dust threshold we ignore it. This allows the bot to make new buys for that coin and it will add the dust amount to the new purchase

NOTE: Below are the recommended values. You do not need to include this parameter at all. Actual dust values are retrieved directly on a per coin basis from Binance and Bittrex. Some coins could be bought using a lower dust value, while some others require a higher value. The default values below will cover all coins that the exchange does not send us a value for automatically.


BTC_dust = 0.00105
ETH_dust = 0.0007
USDT_dust = 3.50


BTC_dust = 0.000999
ETH_dust = 0.00999
BNB_dust = 0.0105
USDT_dust = 1.05


BTC_dust = 0.000105
ETH_dust = 0.0007
XMR_dust = 0.0002
USDT_dust = 1

Test Mode

Test Mode is not a demo mode. It does not remember what it purchased and tell you how much money you could have made.

testMode = true

Use test mode to setup and test new settings without actually buying/selling your coins All sell and buy orders are logged in the console instead of actually send to exchange. This option is NOT to paper trade. The bot does not do paper trading and will repeatedly buy or sell the same coin.

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