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 <​file>#​BUY FILTER SETTINGS#</​file>​ <​file>#​BUY FILTER SETTINGS#</​file>​
 +[[dca.properties#​DEFAULT_DCA_buy_leverage]] = 2\\
 [[dca.properties#​DEFAULT_DCA_min_buy_volume]] = 300\\ [[dca.properties#​DEFAULT_DCA_min_buy_volume]] = 300\\
 [[dca.properties#​DEFAULT_DCA_max_buy_spread]] = 1.0\\ [[dca.properties#​DEFAULT_DCA_max_buy_spread]] = 1.0\\
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 ---- ----
 +== DEFAULT_DCA_buy_leverage ==
 +<file java>
 +DEFAULT_DCA_buy_leverage = 2
 +[[faq#​how_do_i_change_settings_on_a_single_coin|{{:​csbw.png?​18|Coin Specific - click for more info}}]][[mandatory_settings#​optional_settings|{{:​optbw.png?​18|Optional - click for more info}}]][[mandatory_settings#​caution|{{:​warnbr.png?​18|Caution - click for more info}}]]
 +<color #​ed1c24>​Valid Values:</​color>​ Decimal values greater than or equal to 1
 +<color #​ed1c24>​Description/​function</​color>​
 +**WARNING: Leverage Trading can be dangerous if you use too high a leverage value. The higher you set your leverage the smaller the margin of error you will have in price movement before your trading position is liquidated. There is the possibility that you can lose your entire trading position value using leverage. 100x leverage for example will usually result in your entire trading position being liquidated immediately as the amount the price of the coin has to move is minuscule before it reaches the liquidation value.**
 +Leverage results from using borrowed capital as a funding source when trading. ​
 +Leverage is a double edged sword in that it magnifies both gains and losses. If a trader uses leverage to make a trade and the trade moves against the trader, their loss is much greater than it would have been if the trader had not leveraged the trade.
 +BitMEX for example is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers leverage trading. ​
 +Leverage trading, also known as margin trading, is a system which allows a trader to open positions much larger than their own capital would allow. ​
 +Not all exchanges offer leverage so this setting can only be used on those exchanges that offer the ability to trade with leverage.
 +** BitMEX **
 +  * BitMEX offers leverage on all of its products except UP and DOWN contracts.
 +  * The amount of leverage BitMEX offers varies from product to product. ​
 +  * Leverage is determined by the [[https://​www.bitmex.com/​app/​marginTermReference|Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin]] levels. These levels specify the minimum equity you must hold in your account to enter and maintain positions. ​
 +  * Leverage is not a fixed multiplier but rather a minimum equity requirement. ​
 +  * You can see the minimum Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin levels for all products [[https://​www.bitmex.com/​app/​riskLimits#​instrument-risk-limits|here]].
 +  * The highest leverage BitMEX offers is up to 100x leverage on its Daily Bitcoin / JPY Futures Contract and the Perpetual Bitcoin / USD Perpetual Contract.
 == DEFAULT_DCA_min_buy_volume ​ == == DEFAULT_DCA_min_buy_volume ​ ==
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