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DCA Calculator

PTTracker DCA Calculator

PTTracker 2.2 contains a new DCA calculator suitable for use with the default settings. If you have a Pro license you can download PTTracker free of charge see here for details.

Here is how the results map to the settings:|


DCA Calculator Spreadsheet

We provide a DCA calculator spreadsheet suitable for use with the default settings in the #pt-default-settings channel on the ProfitTrailer discord.

Note: this spreadsheet was a temporary measure until the PTTracker DCA calculator could be built but we have left it on the #pt-default-settings channel for reference. The PTTracker version will always be the most up to date version of the DCA calculator.

How to use DCA Calculator

  1. Enter the current value of bitcoin
  2. Enter the starting balance from your exchange
  3. Enter the max cost percentage you want to spend per trade based on your Total Current Value shown in ProfitTrailer
  4. Don’t enter anything in number of coins it isn't used right now
  5. Don't enter anything into the Initial cost as it is a calculated field
  6. Don't enter anything into the Dollar cost per level as it is a calculated field
  7. Enter the number of pairs you want to cover
  8. Enter the number of DCA levels you want to cover

Note: Dollar cost per trade needs to be at least past the dust value for the exchange $20-25 is safe

– Example Usage: –

You could do 3 pairs at 3% or…|

5 pairs at 2% or…|

10 pairs at 1%|

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