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​Known issues

Known issues ​ProfitTrailer

If you encounter the following error message ​in the log :

ERROR Application - Please fix: trading_apiKey — INVALID_SIGNATURE
  1. Go to API keys on your exchange
  2. Create an empty API key (no permissions)
  3. Save
  4. Now set permissions ​for that API key
  5. Save
  6. Use that API key/secret for default ​and trading.
  7. Make sure there are NO spaces are TABS behind the api key and secret
  8. Register that new key with @ProfitTrailerAssistantBot
  9. Cross your fingers, stomp your feet 3 times while spinning around, and start the bot (but don't clap your hands, just don'​t!)

Known issues ProfitTrailer

ALL_DCA_enabled_trigger (

in combination with

stop_loss_trigger (

will initiate a stoploss before ​DCA is completely finished. Try avoiding this combination!

Known issues ProfitTrailer 1.2.6

  1. SOM on Binance ​does not work correctly. Disable the SOM triggers ​to avoid getting spammed by Telegram ​messages
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