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Minimal requirements


  • Know what a file extension is, and how to enable these in Windows
  • Know how to unzip a file and know where to find the unzipped files
  • Know what a cmd prompt or terminal window is, and at least can navigate to a directory in it
  • Know how to edit *.properties files and that a '#' is not a Twitter hashtag
  • Know that running this on your MacBook Pro is like doing grocery shopping with your Lambo
  • Know how to read and understand technical writing



  • Have you ever used a terminal in mac before?
  • If your can answer yes. Please contact us, or use the guide here.


Raspberry Pi:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 or newer
  • Min. 8GB MicroSD card

Internet connection:

  • Min. 5 Mbps per instance
  • Min. 1TB a month data cap. (ProfitTrailer can use about 30GB a day)
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