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Pump And Dump Protection Strategies

This entry is explaining on how to use EMACROSS (or SMACROSS), ALL_buy_value and
ALL_buy_value_limit as a pump protection.

ALL_buy_strategy = EMACROSS
ALL_buy_value = 0.1 
ALL_buy_value_limit = 3

EMA_cross_candles = 3
EMA_period = 300
EMA_1 = 24
EMA_2 = 4

Buy_value and buy_value_limit work as a range. This means if EMACROSS is between 0.1 and 3, PT is going to buy. If it’s outside those borders, it won’t. Using EMACROSS with a range, you may be able to avoid pumped coins.

Examples: The dots start at EMACROSS


1. With EMA_cross_candles = 3 we move to the 4th dot, as this one is ignored for EMACROSS value. At this moment EMACROSS is in our range and PT is going to place an order.

2. Same as 1, but be aware, that a coin may drop after an EMACROSS.


1. Settings are the same as for BCH_BTC. You can clearly see the coin being pumped. On the 4th dot the buy_value is positive and bigger than 0.1 (our settings) so PT would place an order, but at the 6th dot we are already getting dumped and would end up with a bag. Using buy_value_limit we could possibly avoid this, as EMACROSS probably is higher than 3 at the 4th dot.

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