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Setup telegram so ProfitTrailer can send you Telegram messages

1. Talk to @BotFather (NOT to be confused with TheBotFather ​channel!!!) - Once there type “/​newbot” ​to create a bot. Answer the questions ​by typing answers and pressing enter. - You will receive a message ​containing your bot token.

2. Start a chat with your bot's name (for example ​@MyTPBot) and press start button ​

3. Start another ​chat with
3.1 If that doesn't work, try a chat with https://​​id_chatbot
3.2 If that doesn't work paste @id_chatbot into a telegram chat and click it. It should open the chat id bot in a new chat.
3.3 Finally, here is a link to a page with a couple more ID chatbots for telegram that you can click if the above doesn't get a valid response.

Remember to click “Start” at the bottom of the page when you start a new chat.

This bot will reveal your Chat ID.

4. Edit ​and set :

telegram.botToken = your bot token (ex: 125634789:AdGsJXvOnWxasdtasrfanmvlQQfb-aaa)
telegram.chatId = your chat ID (ex: 1234567890)
telegram.postNewOrders = true

NOTE: DO NOT put white space (a space with the keyboard) after the “true” in the telegram.postNewOrders = true statement. This will stop the Telegram bot from working.

If you haven't already, you must set a password for Telegram alerts to work. Refer to

5. Stop and restart ProfitTrailer. Remember if in Mac or Linux to CTRL-C the process if in a terminal window or stop the pm2 process or other process manager.

6. Go to http://localhost:8081/settings/telegramTestMessage to test your telegram setup. You will receive a message ​if the setup is correct.

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