This is a supplementary guide to the Notifications Guide.

Create a Discord Server or Bot by following the instructions below.

Create a Discord Server

1. Click the + icon at the bottom of the discord server list on the left side of the discord window.

2. Next, click the 'Create Server' button

3. Name your server and create it

Create a Discord Bot

Note - When creating a bot for standard messaging sent from ProfitTrailer through the application properties settings, discord.chat_1 is the actual channel name (i.e.- my-botchannel), NOT the numeric channel ID described for PTNotifications (PRO)

1. Visit this link to start the creation process

2. Click on 'Create an Application'.

3. Give the app a name, it is the name that will be the bot's name in your discord, after creation.

4. At the bottom of the page, click on 'Save Changes'.

(Note: The button may not appear unless any changes are actually made to the page !)

5. On the left side menu, click on the 'Bot' tab.

6. Click on 'Add Bot'.

7. Turn off the public join option so only you will be able to invite your bot to your discord server.

8. You can set permissions now, or you can set them later in discord by changing the permissions of the bot's user role in the discord server settings.

9. Find your bot token, which is used for the discord_bot_token setting in the file by clicking on 'Reveal Token' at the top of the bot page.

10. Save this bot token as it is the token needed for the discord_bot_token setting in the file for PTNotifications; and optionally, if not using notifications, it is also for the discord.bot_token_1 setting in the ProfitTrailer file.

11. Visit this link to invite your bot to your discord server.

Note: You will need to replace YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE in the link with your bot's Client ID, which can be found by going to the left menu > 'General' Tab, it is located at the top of the page.

If this is confusing, simply open the link in a new browser tab or window and edit in the address bar to include your Client ID, then press enter to follow the corrected link.

12. After adding your Client ID to the link and following it, you should see a screen with a similar image to the below.

13. Now select your server in the dropdown, then click “Authorize”.

14. Once your bot is invited to your discord server, you will need to enter the appropriate information into the appropriate settings location.
If you use the PT Notifications addon, do not use the settings for direct notifications or you will receive double messages.

The file is for the PTNotifications addon.

  • discord_bot_token = this is the bot token mentioned above in steps 6 and 7.
  • discord_channel_id = this is the numeric channel id for the discord channel in which your bot will send messages.

The application properties file is for direct notifications from ProfitTrailer.

  • discord.bot_token_1 = this is the bot token mentioned above in steps 6 and 7.
  • discord.chat_1 = this is the discord channel name (Note: use channel , not #channel)
  • discord.new_signal_notification = Set to true to enable a notification to be sent when a new message is received
  • discord.new_signal_notification_channel = Set a separate channel for new message notifications to be sent to.
    • Optional: If nothing is set discord.chat_1 will be used instead.

15. For PT Notifications only:
To find the numeric channel id for your channel, enable developer mode on discord by clicking the settings cog beside your username at the lower left hand side of the discord app.

16. Click on 'Appearance' and find developer mode and switch it on.

17. Right click the channel name and click on 'Copy ID'.

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