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A Trailing Profit Story

Let's say that your sell settings in Pairs.configuration are

ALL_sell_value = 1 (Gain at 1%)
ALL_trailing_profit = 0.25 (Trailing profit  at 0.25%)

How trailing profit works is this:

Coin rises to 1% - Bot: “I'm watching you, but not selling yet due to my trailing profit”
Coin rises to 1.5% - Bot: “Still watching, where's that downtrend?”
Coin drops to 1.35%, - Bot: “It's Dropping! Has it dropped .25% yet? No? I'm still watching!
Coin rises to 6% - Bot: “I'm watching you!”
Coin drops to 5.74% - Bot: “Gotcha! Whats the next Ask price, I'm selling!”
Next ask price is 2.5%. Bot: “Is that over our gain? Yes?? SELL SELL SELL

Coin sells for 2.5 % because there wasn't enough order volume to get it higher, and the bot can't react with millisecond reactions anyway.

Many many coins rise and fall in lurches like this. Fast rises, fast downs. Some don't, and those are usually the coins you see sell at close to top price - trail amount.

Remember - there MUST be a buyer on the other side who is willing to pay the price to buy the coin. Sometimes there is not, that is why you will see gaps between where trailing could have sold, and where it actually sold. The same is true on the trailing buy side.

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