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Common Error Messages

The Binance API does not currently permit us to do some of the functions that we can do on the other exchanges.

In order to stop this error you need to edit two lines in your file.

Set them to 0:

ALL_consecutive_buy_trigger = 0
ALL_consecutive_sell_trigger = 0

or comment them out:

#ALL_consecutive_buy_trigger = 4
#ALL_consecutive_sell_trigger = 2


If you happen to click in the terminal window where you started the PT bot, you may pause the bot.

Your CMD window is in Quick Edit Mode which automatically enters the edit mode when you click on the screen.

Normally CMD only enters edit mode when you right click on the black screen and choose Mark.

To change back to normal, right click on the title bar of the window and choose Properties, select Options tab and deselect “Quick Edit Mode” and click ok.

Alternatively, you may hit the ESC key to exit the Mark mode after clicking in the window.


This is a strange error. Sometimes your license key just gets invalidated. But before trying the steps below, know this: Sometimes this error has been caused by slow or broken internet access, and a reboot of the machine will fix it. Sometimes it takes some time for the latency between your bot and the PT server to be reduced. Give it an hour. If the error is still happening, take action!

The most common fix is to register a new API key using the PT Assistant Bot in Telegram.

  1. Go to the exchange where you run your PT bot, and get a new API key pair (public and private key).
  2. Open a chat with the PT Assistant bot.
  3. Type /addKey
  4. When the bot asks, enter your PT LICENSE key that you got when you purchased Profit Trailer (normally via email).
  5. Then enter the API public key.
  6. Enter the new public and private keys in your file in the folder where you installed Profit Trailer on your computer.

Below is an image of a successful use of the PT Assistant bot:

If a user runs using a VPN tunnel, and that VPN uses ipv6 this may cause INVALID LICENSE error.

They will need to run using this command java -D Stack=true -jar ProfitTrailer.jar -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xmx256m -Xms256m

This forces the use of ipv4


This error is a result of using the sell_fillOrKill = true setting in Binance or Bittrex, which is NOT supported. Either set it to “false” or comment it out.


Seen on PT bots using Bittrex exchange. You have set IPFILTERING without whitelisting your machine's IP address. Any requests to Bittrex will return no data causing this error.


NOTE This error should not appear after PT version, as the problem is automatically fixed in the event of a crash. If you experience this error, upgrade to at least this version or later.

Full error message:

ERROR Util - Error reading file null


Error reading file java.lang.illegalstateException: Expected 
BIGIN-OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 1 path $ou ERROR ProfitTrailerService - Handled exception Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept 
malformed JSON at line 2 column 2 path $

This error will show when the ProfitTrailerData.json ​file is corrupted, mostly caused by a computer ​crash or an incorrect ​shutdown.

There is a backup ​of that file named ProfitTrailerData.json.backup ​in the same folder. So to fix this issue:

  • Stop ProfitTrailer (instructions here)
  • Delete the ProfitTrailerData.json ​file and copy the ProfitTrailerData.json.backup ​file to ProfitTrailerData.json
  • Start ProfitTrailer ​again


Permission denied means you have not given the API keys permissions. ​You need to give the API's all permissions except ​withdraw. Also you might have set up IP filtering, but maybe you did not set that up correctly, so check that also.


Full error message :

ProfitTrailerService - Occured in TH, result: Market Symbol should be 
ending with BTC, ETH or USDT. Example: BQXBTC

This error will appear if you have setup up consecutive ​buy/sell triggers ​in the ​file. This is not yet supported on Binance, ​so disable the triggers by setting them to 0.


Full error message:

Error Application - Please fix: trading_apikey — Error: -1021, Timestamp for this 
request is outside of the recvwindow

Solution: ​Make sure to synchronize the server/​computer time with internet time by getting the time automatically from an internet time server.


Full error message:

ERROR AllScheduledTasks - 
ERROR: -1003, Way too many requests; 
IP banned until 1512488458967.

Some VPS IPs were banned, Avoid using ​Vultr (Japan Data Center) & Amazon EC2 (Japan, Korea)


If you get the above error, you need to install the proper version of the JAVA JDK. Version 9 is not supported, you will need to revert back to version 8. You will need to uninstall the current version first.

This webpage contains the proper version:

This website has some good ways to uninstall on Mac OSX specifically: (this answer specifically:


You are trading with amounts less than the minimum trade size for your exchange. You need to increase your ALL_max_cost, or increase your ALL_max_cost_percentage, and you need to make sure your Dust settings in your file are set properly. Check those here.


Your computer's clock is not synched exactly with the PT server, which is required. Use an internet-based time server to set your clock, normally found in your clock settings.


There is a required setting connection.nonceLength=17,in that if not present, will generate this error on the Poloniex exchange. Check the setting in the wiki page.


Seen in Windows normal: If you are seeing this error, then you can open all your .properties files (application, configuration, PAIRS, DCA, INDICATORS), make a simple change (add a space, delete that space somewhere in the file), and save it again. This seems to fix this error.


To be added: 2018-01-25 14:20:52 ERROR BinanceWebSocketAdapter24Ticker - onWebSocketError: CONTINUATION frame without prior !FIN 2018-01-25 14:20:53 ERROR BinanceWebSocketAdapter24Ticker - Error in websocket message Error in reading response Read timed out 2018-01-25 14:20:56 ERROR BinanceWebSocketAdapter24Ticker - Error in websocket message Error in reading response Read timed out BinanceWebSocketAdapter24Ticker - Error in websocket message Error in reading response Read timed o Today at 4:44 PM @SquirrelyDan Internet connection problem. or binance api issue. restart the bot. check internet connection.

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