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How to Buy - Resellers List

Success breeds imitation, and there are certainly websites that look like they sell ProfitTrailer. How can you be sure?

There are a few folks out there who are selling illegally “cracked” versions of ProfitTrailer. They have not only stolen our intellectual property, but are doing so in a way that puts your assets at risk. Would you trade stocks through a website run by a hacker? Deposit money in a bank run by known crooks? Probably not.

Below are our official, worldwide resellers, with their reseller direct links to THE Official Website, and their reseller website if they have one. Ensure you are buying from a trusted source by always using this list before you buy. If you have found a website selling anything related to ProfitTrailer you may look for it here to be sure it is legitimate.

Click on the reseller website link to order from one of the resellers through the main website.
Alternatively, you may go here: ProfitTrailer Shop

All resellers speak English. Secondary languages are listed in the “Country(Language)” column.

Country(Language) Discord Name Reseller Website Link Reseller Website
Brazil & Portugal (Portuguese) @Anderson_DCA
Canada (eh?) @gingerman na
China (Mandarin) @Billy Wu na
Denmark & Norway (Danish & Norwegian) @lowprofile n/a
France (French) @ZenPierre
Germany (German) @Moondust
Greece & Sweden (Greek, Swedish) @gCAN n/a
India (Hindi) @Sids1Jain n/a
Israel (Hebrew) @Ofer n/a
Egypt (عربى) @Thrasher n/a
Netherlands & Belgium (Dutch) @nAffie
Russia (Russian) @T1M3C
South Korea (Korean) @Shyguy
Spain (Spanish) @Akadecaos n/a
United States (Southern and some Yankee) @Diesel
@Vae Victus
Vietnam (Vietnamese) @MightAsWell

Go through the online checkout process.

Select your exchange.

Select your desired subscription.

Choose your quantity and select subscribe now.

Review your order.

Fill in your details and select a payment method.

  • A Note on Crypto Transaction Fees: Remember to add the amount required for the transaction fee to the purchase if you are sending from CoinBase or another site where fees are extracted from the transfer amount, rather than added to it.
    • Most wallets will calculate fees for you. If you cannot determine the fee, use a page like this to estimate the fee:
  • After you complete your purchase you may wait for a few minutes or a couple of hours for the purchase to reach the required number of confirmations. Then you will get an email from ProfitTrailer with your Profit Trailer License key. Record this License key somewhere safe.
  • Watch for email from the “” domain (

Other Official Websites:

The following websites are officially sanctioned as part of the ProfitTrailer family, though not associated with the resellers above.
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