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Quick Instructions

Get Profit trailer running in few simple steps!

1. Create an Exchange Account, Get your API Keys

Create an account at one of the 3 supported exchanges:

  • Binance 0.075% Fees (Currently has the lowest fees if you buy BNB to pays fees and also the easiest to get an account on)
  • Bittrex 0.25% Fees
  • Poloniex 0.25% Fees
  • Kucoin 0.1% Fees
  • Huobi 0.2% Fees
  • Create and verify your account and set up 2FA protection.
  • Go to settings / API keys.
  • Create TWO API keys with all options enabled, except “withdraw”. Each one will also have a SECRET key with them.
    • You can label one “default” and one “trading” to keep track of them, but the names do not matter.
    • IMPORTANT: On Bittrex and Binance, make a copy of your secret keys now as these will be hidden permanently.
  • These API Keys will need to be entered into your file when you get to step 4.

2. Buy Your ProfitTrailer License

Note: If you bought a subscription with VPS from us, please skip directly to step #4

3. Register your Default API key

Once you ProfitTrailer License arrives via email head to Discord and talk to PT Assistant.

  • Type !addkey and follow the directions to activate your public default key.

An in depth guide is available here: PT Assistant

4. Validate your license on Discord

While talking to PT Assistant, validate your license to get access to the support channels. This is only required one time, even for multiple bots.

5. Complete an Initial Configuration

If you bought ProfitTrailer VPS, Any other VPS or install ProfitTrailer entirely on your own there are just a few key parameters that must be configured before you can run the bot. See the guides below for platform specific instructions.

6. Start Trading

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