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 {{::​login.png?​nolink|}} {{::​login.png?​nolink|}}
-Finally you will be presented with the Config Load screen. ​You can choose an existing Configuration if it exists or enter a unique name and load the settings ​from within ​the initialization folder.+Finally you will be presented with the Config Load screen. ​There are three methods for choosing your first configuration:​ 
 +  * **Public** - Choose from our database of public configs and copy it to your bot giving ​it a unique name
 +  * **Saved** - Choose ​from one of your own configs that you have already created in the past. 
 +  * **Import** - Choose a name and import a config from your ProfitTrailer ​initialization folder.
 {{::​initial_settings_load.png?​nolink|}} {{::​initial_settings_load.png?​nolink|}}
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