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Line 60: Line 60:
 market market
 DEFAULT_trading_enabled = false (Change to true once you are ready to trade) DEFAULT_trading_enabled = false (Change to true once you are ready to trade)
-start_balance+start_balance ​ ​(Needed for testmode)
 enabled_pairs enabled_pairs
 hidden_pairs hidden_pairs
Line 71: Line 71:
 DEFAULT_DCA_max_buy_times DEFAULT_DCA_max_buy_times
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 +==== Return to Instructions ====
 +If you are in the process of configuring your bot and following an operating system specific guide you can click below to return to the next step.
 +  * [[windows_guide#​running_profittrailer|Windows]]
 +  * [[linux_guide#​running_profittrailer|Linux]]
 +  * [[mac_guide#​running_profittrailer|Mac]]
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