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Setup Notifications so ProfitTrailer can send Trading Updates

1. In Telegram, send a private message to @BotFather (NOT to be confused with TheBotFather ​channel)

  • Once there type “/​newbot” ​to create a bot. Answer the questions ​by typing answers and pressing enter.
  • You will receive a message ​containing your bot token.

2. Start a chat with your bot's name (for example ​@MyTPBot) and press start button ​

3. Start another ​chat with

4. Edit ​and set :

telegram.botToken = your bot token (eg: 125634789:AdGsJXvOnWxasdtasrfanmvlQQfb-a2g)
telegram.chatId = your chat ID (eg: 1234567890 or -1234567890 for groups)

5. Stop and restart ProfitTrailer.

6. Go to http://localhost:8081/settings/telegramTestMessage to test your telegram setup. You will receive a message ​if the setup is correct.

7. Configure the remaining settings in


  1. a password is required to use notifications.
  2. You will not receive any messages when in testmode.
  3. For group chats invite https://​​myidbot to the existing group and type /getgroupid@myidbot (include the '-' symbol when adding it to your file
  4. Remember to click “Start” at the bottom of the page when you start a new chat.
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