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API Key Guide

You will use these keys in your file to enable the bot to connect to your exchange account. You will also be asked for the first public api key upon checkout.

Create an Exchange Account, Get your API Keys

Create an account at one of the 3 supported exchanges:

  • Binance 0.05% Fees (Currently has the lowest fees if you buy BNB to pays fees and also the easiest to get an account on)
  • Bittrex 0.25% Fees
  • Poloniex 0.25% Fees
  • Create and verify your account and set up 2FA protection.
  • Go to settings / API keys.
  • Create TWO API keys with all options enabled, except “withdraw”. Each one will also have a SECRET key with them.
  • You can label one default and one trading to keep track of them, but the names do not matter.
  • IMPORTANT: On Bittrex and Binance, make a copy of your secret keys as these will be hidden permanently.

Registering API keys with PT Assistant Bot

  • You do not need to register your Exchange API Key if you entered it when purchasing. If you have a problem when you try to start your PT bot and get an INVALID LICENSE error or you are setting up a second bot, come back to this step and follow the steps below to re-register your API key.
  • you will need to register the new “Default” API key for each new instance of PT you set up. (Also, if you need to know how to set up a new instance of PT, see these instructions Setup a Second Bot Instance.)

To register the new API key that you have previously created at your exchange, follow these steps carefully:

  • Join the Discord
  • Talk to the “PT Assistant” bot. You can simply search for the bot and send a message to the bot to start it, as shown below:

The Search field in Discord

Begin Typing “PT ” in the search field to find the bot. Select the PT Assistant bot and start a conversation with it.

Once you start the discussion, you will see a list of the commands.

  • Alternatively, you may talk to the @PT Assistant bot in the #Purchase-and-license channel, by either typing the command “!License” into the comment box or by right clicking the PT Assistant bot user name to the right.

The PT Assistant bot can be seen to the right of the screen. Right click and select “Message” to start the conversation.

  • Once in the chat with the bot, type “/addkey”. It will ask for your PT License Key. This key will be in the email that you receive after you finish paying and waiting for your BTC transaction to confirm (note this can take a couple of hours so don’t panic).

This is how to add a new API key to your PT

  • Once you have successfully entered the License key, it will ask for your API key you created in step 2. We are calling this the “Default” key. Use the first key that you created as the one you register, and the one you put in your file as the “default” key.
  • Copy and paste the public key (never the secret key).
  • PT Assistant will ask you to confirm your key with /yes or /no. Once that is successful, it will tell you that your key has been activated.
  • When activation is successful, you may go to the next step. If not, get help in the Discord group, #Purchase-and-license channel.

*This is also a good time to type /letmein in a private message with PT Assistant. This will give you full access to the support channels. You will not recieve setup support if you skip this step.*

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