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Line 121: Line 121:
 <​file>#​COIN SPECIFIC SETTINGS#</​file>​ <​file>#​COIN SPECIFIC SETTINGS#</​file>​
 [[faq#​how_do_i_change_settings_on_a_single_coin|BNB_trading_enabled]] = false\\ [[faq#​how_do_i_change_settings_on_a_single_coin|BNB_trading_enabled]] = false\\
-[[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_reserve_amount|BNB_reserve_amount]] = \\+[[pairs.properties#​DEFAULT_reserve_amount|ADA_reserve_amount]] = 50 \\
 \\ \\
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 **Note:** **Note:**
-  - Coins in WATCHMODE ​and in the Pending Log will not be sold.+  - Coins in WATCHMODE ​or in the [[web_interface_guide#​DCA Log]] or [[web_interface_guide#​Pending Log]] will not be sold.