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The ProfitTrailer team is pleased to offer a new service: ProfitTrailer on a VPS, already installed and ready for you to configure. A VPS provides many great benefits and features over running ProfitTailer on your own computer. Many people see a great reduction in bandwidth costs, and an increase in uptime due to better power management vs a home server.

Get your VPS (Virtual Private Server) with ProfitTrailer pre-installed today!
Note: ProfitTrailer Licenses are not included in VPS fees.

Features and benefits:

  • Begin using your bot in minutes instead of hours. Just configure these required parameters
  • Approved VPS provider
  • Windows and Linux Ubuntu options available
  • Advanced Anti DDoS attacks protection
  • Very low cost monthly or annual plan
  • Saves money for bandwidth usage
  • Improves uptime due to better power management
  • As inexpensive as most vanilla VPS plans, with PT already installed!
  • Most up to date release version of PT when you purchase
  • Our support team will provide assistance just as we do for self or paid installations
  • Additional support from LinkUpHost for VPS-specific issues

To Purchase a Pre-Installed VPS

Click on the links below. These will take you to our partner

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