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-=====Pre Installed ​VPS Service=====+====== ProfitTrailer ​VPS ======
-The ProfitTrailer team is pleased to offer a new service: ProfitTrailer ​on a VPS, already installed and ready for you to configureA VPS provides many great benefits ​and features over running ProfitTailer ​on your own computer. Many people see a great reduction in bandwidth costs, and an increase in uptime due to better power management vs a home server+The ProfitTrailer team is pleased to offer a new service: ProfitTrailer VPS, with ProfitTrailer,​ PT Tracker and PT Notifications ​already installed, configured (except PT Notifications) ​and ready for you to useWe take care of all your software ​and hardware infrastructure needs and lets you solely focus on growing ​your money.
-Get your VPS (Virtual Private Serverwith ProfitTrailer pre-installed today! ​ \\ +=== Features and Benefits: === 
-**Note: ProfitTrailer ​Licenses are not included ​in VPS fees.**+  * Powerful, Personal VPS designed exclusively for your Crypto Trading 
 +  * Automatic configuration of ProfitTrailer Mandatory Settings 
 +  * Automatic Updates – ProfitTrailer,​ PT Tracker (Pro VPS) and PT Notifications ​(Pro VPS) 
 +  * Cross-Platform Support – Access on your Phone, PC or Mac (No configuration required) 
 +  * 24×7 Monitoring of your VPS resources 
 +  30 minutes guaranteed response time 
 +  ​Your Software & Hardware infrastructure always kept up-to-date 
 +  * DDoS attack detection and protection 
 +  * Hardware Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access 
 +  * Daily Backups. Restore your ProfitTrailer ​anytime. 
 +  * 100% Intel Cores. Featuring complete resource isolation, automatic scalability,​ and high availability. Located ​in one of the most secure Data Center in North America. 
 +  * 2 GB (Basic ​VPS) or 4 GB (Pro VPS) Guaranteed Ram + VSwap4 CPU cores. 
 +  ​500 Mbps. Unlimited bandwidth. Burstable to 3 GBPS. 
 +  ​20 GB SSD Storage + Free Backup Storage. 
 +  * Free Migration from your VPS provider to ProfitTrailer VPS with zero downtime.
-Features and benefits: +To purchaseplease visit [[https://profittrailer.com/product/​profittrailer/]] or [[https://profittrailer.com/product/​profittrailer-vps/]] and select an appropriate plan and get instant access to ProfitTrailer!
- +
-  * Begin using your bot in minutes instead of hours. Just configure these [[mandatory_settings|required parameters]] +
-  * Approved VPS provider LinkUpHost.com +
-  * Windows and Linux Ubuntu options available +
-  * Advanced Anti DDoS attacks protection +
-  * Very low cost monthly or annual plan +
-  * Saves money for bandwidth usage +
-  * Improves uptime due to better power management +
-  * As inexpensive as most vanilla VPS planswith PT already installed! +
-  * Most up to date release version of PT when you purchase +
-  * Our support team will provide assistance just as we do for self or paid installations +
-  * Additional support from LinkUpHost for VPS-specific issues  +
- +
- +
-====To Purchase a Pre-Installed VPS==== +
-Click on the links below. These will take you to our partner LinkUpHost.com. +
----- +
-^    WINDOWS ​  ​^ ​  ​LINUX ​  ​^ ​  +
-|  ​[[https://linkuphost.com/clients/aff.php?​aff=473&​pid=28|Windows PT VPS]]   |  ​[[https://linkuphost.com/clients/aff.php?​aff=473&​pid=29|Linux Ubuntu PT VPS]]   |+
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