ProfitTrailer PRO

The ProfitTrailer team is continuing to look for ways to improve our product. Some new features are reserved for use by our PRO users.

The following features are included in a PRO subscription above and beyond our already amazing ProfitTrailer trading bot.


PTNotifications is currently an external addon but will soon be integrated into the normal ProfitTrailer install.

For installation information and downloads please refer to the PTN Github:


PTTracker is currently integrated into ProfitTrailer but can still be ran as an external addon for now.

For external installation information and downloads please refer to the PTT Github:

Save Additional Configs

With a PRO license you get a bonus number of save slots to keep all your configurations handy. The number of save slots is determined by the number of API keys your license supports.

2 keys = 7 config save slots
3 keys = 10 config save slots
4 keys = 13 config save slots

Discounted Instances

As a PRO we know you are striving to maximize your ProfitTrailer experience. All PRO users can benefit from a 10% discount on additional API key slots for their licence. Learn more here

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