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-====== ProfitTrailer PRO ====== 
-The ProfitTrailer team is continuing to look for ways to improve our product. Some new features are reserved for use by our PRO users. 
-The following features are included in a PRO subscription above and beyond our already amazing ProfitTrailer trading bot. 
-== PTNotifications == 
-PTNotifications is currently an external addon but will soon be integrated into the normal ProfitTrailer install. 
-For installation information and downloads please refer to the PTN Github: \\ 
-Installation:​ https://​github.com/​Roy4lz/​ptnotifications \\ 
-== PTTracker == 
-PTTracker is currently integrated into ProfitTrailer but can still be ran as an external addon for now. 
-For external installation information and downloads please refer to the PTT Github: https://​github.com/​bTayFla/​PtTracker 
-== Save Additional Configs == 
-With a PRO license you get a bonus number of save slots to keep all your configurations handy. The number of save slots is determined by the number of API keys your license supports. 
-2 keys = 7 config save slots\\ 
-3 keys = 10 config save slots\\ 
-4 keys = 13 config save slots\\ 
-== Discounted Instances == 
-As a PRO we know you are striving to maximize your ProfitTrailer experience. All PRO users can benefit from a 10% discount on additional API key slots for their licence. Learn more [[https://​wiki.profittrailer.com/​doku.php?​id=faq#​can_i_purchase_additional_api_slots|here]] 
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