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Click here for Version 1 HotConfig

The HotConfig allows you to set one time properties from the web interface without having to edit any specific properties file.

The HotConfig option available in a default install when you hover over .

Click on HotConfig and enter each desired command on a new line.

Once you are done editing, save and apply by clicking the Save button to the right of the screen. The entries have been applied once you get the “You have successfully saved the data” message however they will dissapear if you refresh the screen or leave and return to the page.

Current supported settings

XXX_DCA_set_buy_times = 0

Set the DCA level on a coin. If you want ProfitTrailer to see it has DCA'd 2 times set 2

Only works if this coin is DCA enabled.

XXX_bought_price = 0.123456 

Set the bought price if the bot could not calculate the price correctly. The price you put in here will be set as the current average price of your pair.


  • This does not always work on the first try but will work eventually.
  • Use the reset command at the same time as detailed below.
  • Sometimes 8 digit decimals are harder to get to take. If you can use less digits to get close try that, then fine tune it. (e.g if bought price is 0.00123456 try using 0.02 first)

How to calculate the average price.

This is just a very simple weighted average. Find each purchase's weighted average, (price + fees) x coin amount, then add those totals together to find the total cost, then use the total cost including fees and divide by the number of that coin you own.
You should also verify that the total number of coins you calculate adds up to the total amount of coins that ProfitTrailer shows you own.

(price + fees) x coin amount = cost for purchase 1
(price + fees) x coin amount = cost for purchase 2 
cost for purchase 1 + cost for purchase 2 = Total Cost + Fees

Total Cost + Fees
------------------ = Average Bought Price
Number of Coins

The new averaging logic will store data average prices in the ProfitTrailerData.json ​file.
You can Click here for a simple weighted average calculator.
For the calculator, weight is the number of coins, data number is the purchase price.


The bot can attempt to calculate the average bought price for you based on your exchange trade history. If you force a calculation and the price still cannot be calculated, use the option above to set bought_price.

XXX_reset_stored_average = true

Note: It has been observed that running both of these commands together at the same time works better than one at a time:

XXX_reset_stored_average = true
XXX_bought_price = 0.1234

Example Usage:

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