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Please note that this guide is aimed at helping you get ProfitTrailer running on your Mac.

There is a video tutorial now. Please watch it.

Getting Started with ProfitTrailer on Mac

This guide will help you set up your ProfitTrailer bot on your Mac. First of all, it has to be noted, that running the bot 24/7 is not possible if you allow your Mac to fall asleep or close a laptop as the bot will not run anymore. (To disable automatic sleep, see here: That being said, you may want to buy a VPS before installing it on a dedicated computer.

1. Installing Java JDK 8 (Java 9 will not work)

Download and install Java 8. Make sure it is the JDK and not the JRE version:

2. Downloading ProfitTrailer

Go to this link:
Download the latest release.
Extract the archive you downloaded somewhere, for example on the desktop. You can do so by double-clicking the downloaded archive if it hasn't been extracted automatically already. (In that case you will find the extracted folder in your downloads)

Make sure you copy/move it to your desktop before proceeding with the next steps.

3. Configuring ProfitTrailer

Setup Mandatory Settings before attempting to run the bot.

  • This guide doesn’t include configuring your settings, so please check the other parts of the wiki for that, before you go ahead and run the bot on random settings, without knowing what they do.

So make sure you also go through the following files during configuration:

Please make sure you use a proper text editor to edit those files. That could be TextWrangler, SublimeText or Brackets for example.

4. Running ProfitTrailer

Open a Terminal window (You can find the terminal in ApplicationsUtilitiesTerminal)

Navigate to the folder where your ProfitTrailer is located, by typing cd followed by a SPACE and then dragging the small blue folder icon from the top bar of your finder window, like this:

The drag-n-drop trick fills in the path to your ProfitTrailer folder, so you don’t have to look it up. Now press ENTER to go to that folder. The result should look something like this:

Now that you’ve located your ProfitTrailer-folder in the Terminal, it’s time to run the bot. Type the following command and press ENTER:

java -Dsun.stdout.encoding=UTF-8 -jar ProfitTrailer.jar -XX:​+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xmx512m -Xms512m

If the bot is reporting that it cannot save the json file due to permissions, you may want to add “sudo” to the beginning of the java command like this (you will be prompted to enter your password when you start the bot):

sudo java -Dsun.stdout.encoding=UTF-8 -jar ProfitTrailer.jar -XX:​+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xmx512m -Xms512m

If you are successful, you will see the following appear in your terminal window.

Leave this window open - it is the bot! If you close it, the bot will stop.

Your ProfitTrailer bot is now up and running. Congratulations!

Now go to http://localhost:8081 if it did not open automatically. (adjust port if you have used a different one)

If you cannot reach your bot via webbrowser using localhost:8081, try using instead.

When you open the GUI for the first time you will be asked to set a password. You will also need to enter your default_api_key to confirm you are the owner.

If successful you will then be asked to Login.

Finally you will be presented with the Config Load screen. You can choose an existing Configuration if it exists or enter a unique name and load the settings from within the initialization folder.

5. Run via start script (optional)

(Optional add-on for running PT more easily)

Run one of the following commands in the terminal while being within the PT-folder like you were in step 4:

If it ran without using sudo:

echo “java -Dsun.stdout.encoding=UTF-8 -jar ProfitTrailer.jar -XX:​+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xmx512m -Xms512m” >; chmod a+x

If it requires sudo to run:

echo “sudo java -Dsun.stdout.encoding=UTF-8 -jar ProfitTrailer.jar -XX:​+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xmx512m -Xms512m” >; chmod a+x

This will write the startup command into the file and make it executable afterwards.

After that you can run the bot by using:


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