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Line 14: Line 14:
 {{glyphicon>​dashboard?​12}} [[Web Interface Guide]] {{glyphicon>​dashboard?​12}} [[Web Interface Guide]]
-{{glyphicon>​star}} [[PRO Features]]+{{glyphicon>​star?12}} [[PRO Features]] 
 +{{glyphicon>​transfer?​12}} [[Third Party Resources]]
 ---- ----
 ====OS Setup Guides==== ====OS Setup Guides====
Line 24: Line 26:
 {{glyphicon>​credit-card?​12}} [[Raspberry Pi Guide| Raspberry Pi Guide]] {{glyphicon>​credit-card?​12}} [[Raspberry Pi Guide| Raspberry Pi Guide]]
 +{{fa>​desktop?​12}}[[ProfitTrailer vps| PT VPS Guide]]
 ---- ----
 ====Other Setup Guides==== ====Other Setup Guides====
Line 33: Line 37:
 {{glyphicon>​cloud?​12}} [[Remote Access|Remote Access Guide]] {{glyphicon>​cloud?​12}} [[Remote Access|Remote Access Guide]]
 +{{glyphicon>​bullhorn?​12}} [[Signals]]
 {{glyphicon>​certificate?​12}} [[setup_ssl|SSL Guide]] {{glyphicon>​certificate?​12}} [[setup_ssl|SSL Guide]]
Line 59: Line 65:
 ---- ----
 ==== Trading ==== ==== Trading ====
-{{glyphicon>​blackboard?​12}} [[Default Settings]] ​+{{glyphicon>​blackboard?​12}} [[Default Settings|Example Trade Strategies]] 
 {{glyphicon>​knight?​12}} [[Buy and Sell Logic]] ​ {{glyphicon>​knight?​12}} [[Buy and Sell Logic]] ​
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