Signals are not part of your ProfitTrailer product license and require a separate paid subscription to either an approved provider's signals service and/or the TradingView integration service. These subscriptions are available for purchase from the ProfitTrailer Shop.
Signals Steps


  1. After redeeming your signal voucher with the PT Assistant bot, restart the ProfitTrailer bot so it can start to receive the signal provider.

Configure ProfitTrailer to use the Signals:

  1. Once you have redeemed your signals voucher all bots on the same license are capable of receiving the signals.
  2. If you have multiple signal providers being sent to your license but only wish for a particular bot to use signals from one (or some) of them you can specify the providers to use by going to the setup page for ProfitTrailer and clicking on the button and then on the Signal Provider tab and selecting the appropriate provider(s).

If you do not set the Buy or Sell Strategy as SIGNAL the bot wont use the signals.

To make Pairs buys (from possible buy log) with signals set your buy strategy in Pairs config to SIGNAL as follows:

DEFAULT_A_buy_strategy = SIGNAL
DEFAULT_A_buy_strategy_label = MyTradingViewLabel (optional, any alphanumeric label you want)

To make DCA buys with signals set your buy strategy in DCA config to SIGNAL as follows:

DEFAULT_DCA_A_buy_strategy = SIGNAL
DEFAULT_DCA_A_buy_strategy_label = MyTradingViewLabel (optional, any alphanumeric label you want)

To make Pairs sells with signals set your sell strategy in Pairs config to SIGNAL as follows:

DEFAULT_A_sell_strategy = SIGNAL
DEFAULT_A_sell_strategy_label = MyTradingViewLabel (optional, any alphanumeric label you want)
#Optional Gain to set minimum profit for the trade
DEFAULT_B_sell_strategy = GAIN
DEFAULT_B_sell_value = 0.5

To make DCA sells with signals set your sell strategy in DCA config to SIGNAL as follows:

DEFAULT_DCA_A_sell_strategy = SIGNAL
DEFAULT_DCA_A_sell_strategy_label = MyTradingViewLabel (optional, any alphanumeric label you want)
#Optional Gain to set minimum profit for the trade
DEFAULT_DCA_B_sell_strategy = GAIN
DEFAULT_DCA_B_sell_value = 0.5


  1. Many providers do not send sell signals. If your signals provider only sends buy signals you will not be able to sell using the SIGNAL strategy.
  2. Do not set buy/sell value or buy/sell value limit for the SIGNAL strategy.
  3. It is possible to run signals on a bot running in test mode i.e. server.test_mode = true.

There are two different methods for obtaining signals for ProfitTrailer. Your own signals via TradingView or Signals generated by our approved providers.

Select your Signals source to read more.

ProfitTrailer provides a TradingView integration that allows users to send their own signals from TradingView to their bots.

Be advised: Currently the processing of your signal can take up to 1 minute because of email delays etc.

The steps required to use this are as follows:

  1. Create a TradingView account there are free and paid subscription options
  2. Set your SMS email to
  3. Setup TradingView to send your 'Signals to SMS' to email
  4. Create Alerts for the Buy and/or Sell to send your signals via the SMS to email

In TradingView set the SMS email in your TradingView Profile Settings as follows:

Setup TradingView to send your signals to sms using email like this:

  1. Add your signals script to the chart using the Add to Chart option.
  2. Right click on your signal on the chart and select the Add Alert option at top of the dialogue box that appears.
  3. In TradingView create an alert. SELL example below
  4. Ensure the Send Email-to-SMS setting is ticked.

Note: the screenshot below is from a Paid Pro subscription account it has more Options than the free account:

Use the following in the message for the alert, modifying the token and password to your own:


Click the SAVE button

You can create another alert for the BUY using the same method and change the Type in the Message of the alert to BUY.

If you use mode = DIRECT you need to include an amount also.


Once you have confirmed the signals are working you can edit your alerts and turn off the Show Popup and Play Sound on the alert if you like.


The Token is your voucher code that is sent to your after purchasing a signals subscription.

Don't forget to associate it with your ProfitTrailer licence (Step 2 at the top of the page)


Password is last part of the voucher


Type is how you tell the bot what kind of order to place.
You can only have one of the following options per signal alert:

  • BUY is what the name implies a standard buy order
  • NORMALSELL is what the name implies a standard sale order
  • PENDINGSELL this is for when using DIRECT you want to send trades to pending


Pair is the name of the coin pair. It is always in this format no matter what exchange format is. XXXYYY where XXX is the coin and YYY is the market.
Bitmex pairs are often in the format XXXYYYXXX e.g XBTUSDTXBT.


Valid is the amount of time a signal is valid for once we receive it. It is defined in seconds.


Mode determines if ProfitTrailer gets involved in the decision making process. There are two modes:

    • DIRECT will execute a trade on the exchange ignoring PT settings. Regardless of enabled coins, min buy volume etc DIRECT will attempt the trade.
    • If STRATEGY is used the SIGNAL strategy behaves just like a regular Buy or Sell Strategy and can be used as the only strategy or alongside other strategies.

STRATEGY will comply with your ProfitTrailer settings including trailing if set. Coins that are filtered from your Possible Buy Log will not be purchased. BUYs will make use of your initial_cost or next DCA_buy_percentage instead of the amount value. If you use SIGNALS for selling they will comply with your GAIN sell strategy if configured so it won't sell if GAIN is not met.

  • If a coin is in the PAIRS Log new buy signals for the same coin will not trigger a buy. It must move to DCA or be sold first.
  • If a coin is in the DCA log and SIGNAL is used as a DCA buy strategy then DCA buys will function as expected when new BUY signals are received.
  • A signal remains true until its valid period passes. Once it starts trailing even that is ignored.


The amount you set in the signal is not initial cost. Amount is the quantity of the coin to buy.

NOTE: Amount is only required if using DIRECT mode.

It will need to be customised for each coin. Some examples:

  • To buy 250 XRP set amount to 250.
  • To buy 0.1 BTC set amount to 0.1
  • To buy 500 USDT worth of BTC you would need to DO THE MATH. 500 / 3600 (Current Price of BTC as of this being written) = 0.139 (rounded up).

If you choose to subscribe to a Signal Provider you do not need to configure anything with TradingView. You can have a signal provider and a TV integration subscription simultaneously if you wish.

Signals from providers will turn your signal strategy in ProfitTrailer true for the applicable coin. ProfitTrailer will comply with your PBL filtering settings and also any other buy strategy settings you have configured. All applicable strategies must be true in order to buy or sell and if you have trailing configured it must also occur.

All the signal providers are available in the ProfitTrailer Shop

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