Upgrading from Version 1.x to Version 2.1+

Over the last few months this guide has become more and more similar to a fresh install. This is due to the number of changes since v1 increasing as time goes on. This guide is now a summary of how to get up and running in Version 2 as quickly as possible. Users may prefer to simply start fresh with the relevant OS guide from the standard Instructions.

Version 2 is a major update. We have added new strategies. Reworked the GUI, updated the trade logic and added, removed or changed almost all of the parameters from version 1.

It is critical that you do not just copy and paste your properties files. Use the version 2 files and add the appropriate information into the new templates.

For most users we expect this swap could take 30 minutes to 1 hour. Do not rush it. Following these instructions will minimise the time your bot is stopped and not trading.

1. We have done everything we can think of to give version 2 backwards compatibility with your sales and DCA data. Upgrading from Version 1.x correctly should result in all data being carried forward. Make a backup of everything just in case (the complete folder).
Take screenshots or make notes of average prices and DCA levels also.

2. Download the latest version of ProfitTrailer and extract the files to a seperate location to your version 1 bot. (ProfitTrailer V2 for example)

3. Open application.properties in the version 2 folder and copy the following information from from your version 1 bot. Many of these parameters are renamed so do not copy the entire parameter, copy only whats after the = sign.

  • License (your Profit Trailer License - not found in the v1 file but used for v2, find this in your original purchase email)
  • Port (if different)
  • Exchange
  • Timezone offset
  • Log history days
  • Both sets of API Keys (Do not copy the key settings names, only the keys)
  • Sitename (not present by default, add it as server.sitename if you do use it)
  • Telegram token and chat ID (if desired)

4. You can now configure the rest of the settings using application.properties as a guide. Several parameters have been removed or renamed, so don't attempt to copy them from your version 1 bot. New features include:

  • Discord notifications
  • Themes
  • Language
  • Currency

Save and close the application.properties file.

5. Configuring the PAIRS, DCA and INDICATORS files will be the most time consuming step of the upgrade. These settings can only be edited in the GUI now. It will be done after you run the bot.

Run the Version 2 bot using the same method you used previously: See the Windows, Mac guides if you can't remember. PM2 users, such as Linux or RasPi may need to reconfigure their commands to work on the new bot folder. If your bot starts up with the old settings or says version 1 still, it's likely that PM2 is configured to point at the old directory still. You can verify this by running pm2 show 0 and possibly pm2 show 1, and checking the exec cwd folder values.

6. The console/terminal will instruct the user to complete setup using the web interface.

Now go to http://localhost:8081 if it did not open automatically. (adjust port if you have used a different one)

When you open the GUI for the first time you will be asked to set a password unless you have disabled the password function.. You will also need to enter your default_api_key to confirm you are the owner.

If successful you will then be asked to Login.

Finally you will be presented with the Config Load screen. Here you can choose from any of our curated public configs. Enter a unique name for the configuration and load the settings into the bot. If you intend to create you own config entirely select any config and load it for now.

7. The Monitoring Page should now display. The public configs all have trading disabled by default to prevent any unexpected consequences. You can view and edit the config by clicking in the top menu bar. Advanced mode (text file view) is available in the settings menu accessed by clicking the .

These three wiki pages are your guide for successfully configuring the trading files:

There is also lots of information in the change log on GitHub and the wiki What Has Changed page.

8. If you wish to bring over your trade history (including sales data, dca count and data for existing holdings) stop the v2 bot and stop the version 1 bot by pressing the red button in the GUI or pressing ctrl + c (Windows, Linux, MacOS) in the console.

Copy the following file from the Version 1 bot into the version 2 bot data folder overwriting the existing one.

  • ProfitTrailerData.json (sales and DCA data)

9. You may wish to adjust these parameters now also.

Things to note:

  • Testmode won't display your existing coins or balance. It uses start_balance.
  • to display your existing coins when trading is disabled you need to ensure hidden_pairs is not hiding them.

10. Start the V2 bot once again. You may need to select the config you just created on the setup screen.

12. Check the Pairs and DCA values shown for your existing holdings and compare them with your notes/screenshots you took in Step 1.

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