Version 2.0

Current Version: Beta 25

Upon launch of 2.0 someone will add a link to the top of all pages below saying IF YOU HAVE UPGRADED TO 2.0 CLICK HERE and this link will take them to the relevent 2.0 version of said page.

After some weeks we will copy the content of the 2.0 page and paste it over the old page effectively deleting it.

File Assigned to Status
Sidebar remove configuration.props, andersondca and pt_ from buy and sell logic url on launch Everyone 100% 2.0 Beta 25 SgtBatten 100% 2.0 - deleted SgtBatten 100% 2.0 Beta 25 SgtBatten 100% 2.0 Beta 25 SgtBatten 100% 2.0 Beta 25 Aqua 90%
Upgrade instructions 2.0 SgtBatten 95%
Upgrade instructions SgtBatten 100%
FAQ 2.0 Everyone 99% complete
Web Interface 2.0 SgtBatten 100%
Hotconfig 2.0 SgtBatten 99%
Last Version changes Will link to official changelog SgtBatten 80% complete
Basic Buy and Sell Logic 2.0 Beta 24 vae victus 99% complete
Buy and Sell Strategies 2.0 Beta 24 vae victus 99% complete
Anderson DCA 2.0 - move into buy and sell strategies? not started
A Trailing Story 2.0 SgtBatten 99%
Notification Setup 2.0 Combined Discord and Telegram SgtBatten 99%
linux_guide raspberry_pi_guide windows_guide mac_guide 60% complete
Mandatory Settings 2.0 SgtBatten 90%
API USAGE for scripts anyone 0%

application.properties1 configuration.properties1 pairs.properties1 dca.properties1 indicators.properties1 web_interface_guide1 hotconfig1 basic_buy_and_sell_logic1 buy_and_sell_strategies1 mandatory_settings1

More pages to hide: Anderson DCA

  • Sell strategy missing from sales log when a coin is sold in more than one order.
  • invalid configurations (particularly in INDICATORS) should be fatal and/or block all buys/sells
  • from yojeff - perhaps this is just my pickiness. Jumpy UI's are a thing for me. When you are trying to read a webpage and a background refresh happens – then the page restructures itself/jumps around. I hate that. Maybe make the various 'blockers' spread/volume/etc a simple icon, perhaps flashing with more info on hover. Allocate vertical space such that it doesn't jump around.
  • discord.notificationonshutdown has a small bug when using multiple discords it seems. no biggie for now.
  • GAIN only becomes true if all other strategies are true first
  • GAIN in DCA log doesn't display current value, it often displays 0.00
  • beta intentionally prints API key to the log for debugging purposes. Need to remove this code.
  • Beta 24 - on Bittrex and Poloniex I'm getting the “Something is wrong with your bot, please restart” message over and over in Telegram, but not in the console. Same with beta 22. - Vae Victus

  • discord.notificationOnShutdown - does this exist? (Re-enabled in B13, it has a small bug when using multiple discords it seems. no biggue for now)
  • can _X levels be skipped _1, _2, _5, _10 etc (yes, it will always go look for the param without _X)
  • will the final _x level be continued indefinitely ( it will continue base on the setting of the dropped _X. If you have it defined. Else it will become a -999 or 999 value)
  • does SOM_DCA_buy_trigger work when global SOM is on, price rise SOM is on or coin specific SOM is on? (SOM is SOM)
  • DEFAULT_min_orderbook_volume_percentage can be less than 100%? if so, what impact does this have (Well you get more expired order cause your buys annot be filled right?)
    • Does the bot place an order if only 50% of required volume is available though for example? (The bot WILL try to buy)
  • orderbook_profit_calculation = true → does it really look at: “the ProfitTrailer will look at the highest bid order with enough volume rather than just the highest bid order”!? Or does it get affected by DEFAULT_min_orderbook_volume_percentage? (Not sure what min_orderbook_volume_percentage has to do with this logic. These are 2 seperate things. So yes. we count until there is enoguh volume. And we pick that price.)
    • if you set the min volume percentage to 150 does orderbook calculation logic look for 150% volume? (No. still unrelated.)
  • take_profit. What has been decided? reset timer on any price change or leave timer running above take_profit_percentage? (There is a new property coming to define when the timer will reset)
  • buy value limit 0 does not disable as previously thought. at least for some strategies like highBB (I am not certain this is true… I scoured the code.. Looked good)
    • moondust had an example where the strategy was becoming untrue below 0 unless he deleted buy value limit or set it to -50
  • For STOCH do we use the %K line or the %D line? I need to know which one to document, or how that works. Answer: We use the %D line - vv
  • for MACD is it signaling on a cross only (not a divergence)? Thus, the signal is true when a crossover occurs in the fast and slow signal lines, correct? Answer: It is a simple number currently, and is not very useful. Further development is needed before we can use MACD as a solid indicator. - vv
  • BBWIDTH - how is this working for a buy or a sell signal? I assume we calculate BBWIDTH and compare it to the buy_value and if it is below or equal to that buy_value, it becomes true. But, what if the price breaks up instead of down? Answer: it is used as a simple number, and is used for Buying only. If the buy_value ⇐ BBWIDTH, it becomes true. Should be combined wtih RSI or STOCH or STOCHRSI as a secondary indicator and not used alone since it CANNOT predict the direction of the price break. - vv

Beta 25

  • Add new property server.start_trading_delay. Will block the bot from doing anything for the amount specified in minutes. Give you enough time to start the bot. Turn on SOM or whatever before the bot goes crazy on boot
  • Fix incorrect trailing starting point on reboot
  • Fix pairs not selling if keep balance makes our pairs balance to become 0.0000
  • Change macd decimals to 9
  • Settings api should work regardless of config-enabled or not
  • Minor bug fixes

Beta 24

  • Fix test mode (again)
  • Fix too many redirects error
  • Display message to direct users to the browser for initial setup
  • Move some of the blacklist filters so they get displayed more often
  • Fix switch config not loading new data (api)
  • Add a config/list endpoint (api)

Beta 23

  • Improve high cpu usage problem
  • Fix test mode
  • Introduce server.disable_online_config (needs bot restart) to disable storing of configs online. Bot will only store configs offline
  • If you choose this option you will need to do an initial import again if you don't have local settings already stored
    • Settings are stored encrypted offline
  • Return INVALID when market is missing
  • take_profit_reset_percentage_move to define sensitivity of take_profit reset.
  • if 0 it's disabled so take_profit will reset on each price movement detected. If set to 0.25. take_profit timer will reset if the movement was bigger than 0.25% up or down
  • Prevent moving from test mode to live trading without restarting bot
  • Rename trading.loghistory to trading.log_history
  • allow bot to buy as soon as a strategy evaluates to true and no more after (buy_on_first_signal) @cvthub for questions :0
    • @SgtBatten [Support] sorry for the delay now, buy_on_first_signal is a boolean (true/false) and can be added to a strategy if it is used, then the strategy will be true only when it changes from false to true, so just one time, (i.e. few seconds), after that the strategy will be false again (in GUI showed as “false signal past…”) (even if the buy_value is OK), then it will have this status as long as the strategy is not going to false again, then it can be again true for a second time and so on… it is used to execute a buy “as soon as” the strategy returns true
    • note that the functionality is not compatible with trailing buy, since then it will never let a buy happen
  • Fix On-Balance-Volume (OBV) as buy signal (Special PT implementation) @cvthub for questions :0
  • OBV uses kline volumes
    • the klines provided by the xchanges are limited in time, so we cannot get the complete history of a coin, therefore the OBV pt implementation uses the klines it can get from the exchange

following parameters are available: INDICATORS:

  • OBV_candle_period: as usual
  • OBV_length: the total count of candles used to calculate the OBV values, e.g. 15 means we have 15 OBV values
  • OBV_signal: is the number of the first OBV value used for the calculation of the percentage change (integers)
    • the percentage change, which is then used with the provided buy_value, buy_value_limit values is calculated as the percentage change of the OBV value of the signal candle and the last candle, this means the change is between -1 and +1
    • signal should be < length
    • obv is based on absolute volume values, the current approach is based on changes between exactly two candles… all other candles (OBV values) are ignored in a particular execution of the strategy
  • Multiple GUI fixes

Beta 22 - removed

Beta 21 Another big update

  • - license = your pt license
  • Local modification of settings is gone. Only GUI is supported. Set your default settings name. In the next release you can create multiple settings, give them a name and save them. You will be able to switch between your saved settings from the GUI.
  • Settings configurations are stored on PT Servers
  • Put your old settings in initialization folder and start the bot to import them (PARS,DCA and INDICATORS)
  • PTF and MAGIC will be broken until they implement the settings api endpoint
  • GUI fixes/improvements
  • Fix Binance balance update problem (again)
  • Stop test_mode from doing private calls to exchange. (Might be missing 1 or 2)
  • Fix incorrect dates being displayed in testmode
  • Implement STOCH strategy (while trying to change STOCHRSI to behave like tradingview. Still no luck)
  • Cleanup the code
  • rename min/max_price_increase to min/max_change_percentage
  • Specify DISABLED as Strategy if you want to disable a strategy in an override. So default has 3 strategies and you want ETH to use 2 strategies (needs more testing)

Beta 20

  • Downgrade springboot cause SSL was not working anymore
  • rename min_order_book_volume_percentage to min_orderbook_volume_percentage
  • Reset take profit timer if profit changes.
  • retrieve balance one every 5 minutes from Binance

Beta 19

  • Fix of the fix of the fix of the fix
  • Fix bb triggers
  • Fix bbwidth
  • Fix takeprofit, starts watching as soon as P% is higher than takeprofit %
  • Fix classnotfound error on some *nix systems
  • Display LOWBB and HIGHBB current value and trigger as %
  • Define time window for SOM market trigger (
  • Use undertow instead of tomcat as builtin webserver
  • Bring back the coloured background profit!

Beta 16-18 broken

Beta 15

  • Implement takeprofit wait time and percentage (needs testing)
  • fix testmode not working on other exchanges than poloniex
  • fix SOM_DCA_buy_trigger not working correctly
  • implement orderbook_profit_calculation switch (used by DCA and normall strategy sell)
  • Profit column will display profit and beneath it orderbook profit.
    • This activates only after normal profit is > 0
  • rename DEFAULT_max_trading_pairs to max_trading_pairs (it's not pair specific anymore)
  • stop clearing binance balances and tradehistory cache every 10 minutes (If binance breaks, i will revert)
  • Fix strategies returning incorrect calculation
  • PT only supports: strategy _length up to 500 candles
  • Fix /settings/test/reset call
  • Move REBUY TIMEOUT and other such message back to a level higher so they are shown
  • FIX test mode max trading pairs
  • rename coin_min_age to pair_min_listed_days (should be live now)
  • GAIN stategy SSV will show the old trigger value. The highest trailing value profit reached.

Beta 14

  • Test mode now does paper trading. Just set your start_balance and you are good to go
  • call /settings/test/reset to cleanup test_mode data. Or just delete ProfitTrailerData.json
  • Try to fix trailing again..
  • Try to fix partial sell not setting sell strategy
  • Fix enabled_pairs and hidden_pairs, they should not need the market
  • Fix poloniex nonce errors for most users
  • Fix gain strategy rounding error (display)
  • Fix DCA screen values disappearing
  • Fix the api endpoint to get data
  • Fix /monitoring/log heap space error
  • Fix ANDERSON current value display bug
  • Fix doubledown using incorrect percentage value set
  • Rename server.apiToken to server.api_token (access you sales log data using a token – /api/data and a few more)
  • Rename buysettings folder to ordersettings and log the settings at the moment of buy and sell
  • document option telegram.disable_notification. Telegram notifications have a sound by default
  • Some other bug fixes

Beta 13 Important

  • Pair specific does not need the market anymore.
  • instead of defining BTCETH_buy_value = 3 we now define ETH_buy_value = 3
  • renamed file properties (see zip example)
  • on sell/buy always loop over all strategyLetters
  • if for example B,C,E are set, then these will be used
  • fix dca highbb buy and sell
  • save the settings that where active at the moment of a buy (buysettings folder)
  • fix bbwidth and stochrsi decimal values displayed
  • Implement special SOM_DCA_buy_trigger, works the same as the normal buy trigger, so can also have multiple triggers
  • remove noncelength option as this will not be moved anymore
  • bot will not retry failed attempts anymore as this also causes unexpected behaviours
  • document coin_min_age in (not live yet)
  • delete file (all these properties were either moved or deleted)
  • all sales of the bot are immediateOrCancel (other stufff does not work correctly anyway)
  • moved the BTC_dust, ETH_dust, XXX_dust, USDT_dust values to
  • testmode is renamed to server.test_mode and moved to
  • fix trailing_buy and trailing_profit
  • change TPV for start balance
  • implement local consecutive buy and sell triggers. so even binance has support
  • buy_value_limit is disabled when set to 0
  • fix DCA_sell_value_x reading 1 value higher than it should
  • rename hotconfig XXXYYY_set_buy_times to YYY_DCA_set_buy_times

Beta 12

  • fix stoploss bug
  • fix trailing bug for pairs
  • rename min_order_book_volume to min_order_book_volume_percentage
  • fix stackoverflow error
  • always show calculated values (except max_spread)
  • BB value will be shown in Buy strategy Trigger and we only show the calculated trigger.
  • buy value limit no longer defaults to 999

Beta 11

  • WARNING – A lot has changed
  • Rename values to all be _ instead of camelcase
  • rename buy_available_volume_trigger to min_order_book_volume
  • rename sell_only_mode to sell_only_mode_enabled
  • rename pairs max_cost to initial_cost
  • rename min_buy_balance to keepbalance. The bot's work balance is now balance - keepBalance (Also displayed on monitoring (soon))
  • return realBalance, pairsBalance and DCABalance for frontend to display
  • rename pairs ALL to DEFAULT_, pair specific = ETHBTC_initial_cost
  • rename DCA ALL to DEFAULT_DCA, pair specific = ETHBTC_DCA_max_cost
  • if buy_value or sell_value is not specified return a value of 999.
  • buy_value and sell_value _1 is not required. sell_value,buy_value is the default one
  • SOM triggers are generic and not pair specific
  • max_profit added
  • 0 always buys up
  • trailing starts when all strategies are true. ALWAYS trails the price. (BETA)
  • Bunch of new parameters, see properties pages to find them all

Beta 10 No changes provided

Beta 9

  • Fix buy_value_1 error message when using Anderson strategy (it's not needed)
  • Fix xmacross, and xmagain sell strategies not working

Beta 8

  • DCA buy_value_limit now MUST end with _1 or _2 etc
  • fix config not being displayed

Beta 7

  • XMA_cross_candles defaults to 1 if not specified
  • Fix lowBB trailing issue
  • remove telegram.postNewOrders - all orders, even DCA are always posted by default

* config is enabled by default if a password is set. disable it if you don't want it server.disableConfig


  • DCA buy_value and sell value now MUST end with _1 or _2 etc

Beta 6

  • Fix buy_precentage when it's not specified
  • Fix rebuy_timeout
  • Fix log showing incorrect runner name
  • discord notifications added

Beta 5

  • remove min_profit
  • remove sell_trigger (DCA)
  • Add BB width indicator (BBWIDTH)
  • Restore the reason for not buying
  • Fix telegram sell
  • Fix some minor crashes

Beta 4

  • GAIN strategy positive value buys on the uptrend
  • fix server.disablePassword

Beta 3

  • Fix an error in EMACROSS buy strategy


I do not have a complete list of features for you guys. But most 2 important thing are in the demo properties files. Multiple Triggers for buying and selling. Works for both PAIRS and DCA. DCA can be pair specific

some of the new strategies MACD RSI STOCHRSI (values from 0-1)

Also you can put all strategies as a SELL strategy too. But we need to check what is working and what not. min profit and trailing has not been setup correctly yet for these new strategies

That should be about it I think…

PS: The GUI still need a bit of fixing up. but it works

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