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-====Some good VPS Vendors==== 
-While ProfitTrailer does not endorse or recommend any particuar VPS vendor, there are several that have been reported to be compatible by other users. Following are some of those. This is not a complete list.  
-   * Lava VPS [[https://​www.lavavps.lt/​en/​|https://​www.lavavps.lt/​en/​]] - Guide [[https://​www.lavavps.lt/​login/​knowledgebase.php?​action=displayarticle&​id=221&​language=english|Guide]] ​     
-   * Server4you ​ [[https://​www.server4you.net/​virtual-server|https://​www.server4you.net/​virtual-server]] ​   
-   * Contabo [[https://​contabo.com/?​show=vps|https://​contabo.com/?​show=vps]]. The 8.99 Euro version has been reported to work well for up to 6 bot instances (current as of Jan 18, 2018).  ​ 
-   * Westhost.com [[https://​www.westhost.com/​web-hosting/​]] 
-   * LinkUpHost.com and RapidVM.io are our providers of pre-installed PT VPS solutions. See the [[preinstalled_vps|Pre Installed VPS Service]] for that.  
-NOT Recommended VPS vendors: ​ 
-  * AWS has shown to not be a good solution - creates inconsistent results. ​ 
-  * Vultr - has shut down users VPS due to high resource usage 
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