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This guide will help you get ProfitTrailer running on Windows.

There is a video tutorial now. Please watch it.


Getting Started with ProfitTrailer on Windows

First of all, note that running the bot 24/7 is not possible if you allow your PC to fall asleep or close a laptop as the bot will not run anymore. You may want to consider using a VPS before installing it on a dedicated computer.

1. Installing Java 8

Download and install Java 8: should automatically detect the latest version for your operating system.

Alternatively you can select from

2. Downloading ProfitTrailer

Go to this link:
Download the latest release.
Right click on the zip and select Extract All.

Choose a location to extract to, for example on the desktop.

Double click the ProfitTrailer Folder to open it. Note how the folder icon looks different once it is extracted correctly.

You may find it helpful to show windows file extensions.

3. Downloading Notepad++

Now that our files are downloaded and extracted we need to know how to open them. We need to download and install Notepad++ (NOT Word, wordpad, notepad etc - these will insert incorrect characters in your file).

Just choose all the default options when installing.

4. Configuring ProfitTrailer

Most users should only ever need to open the properties files. To do so for the first time right click on and open with Notepad++.

If this is not an option (or to permanently make this file open in notepad++) select Open With and choose another App.

Select More Apps and also tick Always use this app to open .properties files.

Select Look for another App.

This will bring up a file explorer window. You need to navigate to your installation location for Notepad++.

From now on the properties files should have the green notepad++ icon and can be opened by a simple double click.

5. Mandatory Settings

Now we can proceed to setup the Mandatory Settings before attempting to run the bot.

  • This guide doesn’t include configuring your settings, so please check the other parts of the wiki for that, before you go ahead and run the bot on random settings, without knowing what they do.

6. Running ProfitTrailer

Double click the Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd file which will launch the bot.

The cmd file executes the following command:

java -Dsun.stdout.encoding=UTF-8 -jar ProfitTrailer.jar -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Xmx512m -Xms512m

A black CMD Prompt window should appear and the bot is now booting up. Leave this window open - it is the bot! If you close it, the bot will stop. In the CMD Prompt uou will be prompted to complete the rest of the setup using the Web Interface. If you see any errors instead, consult the Common Errors Page.

Leave this window open - it is the bot! If you close it, the bot will stop.

Your ProfitTrailer bot is now up and running. Congratulations!

Now go to http://localhost:8081 if it did not open automatically. (adjust port if you have used a different one)

When you open the GUI for the first time you will be asked to set a password. You will also need to enter your default_api_key to confirm you are the owner.

If successful you will then be asked to Login.

Finally you will be presented with the Config Load screen. You can choose an existing Configuration if it exists or enter a unique name and load the settings from within the initialization folder.

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